HAND is a Saudi company specializing in the management and operation of hotels and resorts. It was established in 2005, and seeks to achieve a profitable partnership and reach the satisfaction of its customers and partners, achieving the highest standards of total quality, innovation in marketing, upgrading service, cost effectiveness and commitment to maintain satisfaction Employees, and operational excellence, all of which led to the occupation of the facilities managed by the company leading position with the achievement of high indicators of occupancy and profitability.

Strategic map by 2022:


 To nourish and add to the world of hospitality, the purest creative images of our guests and partners.

The message:

To provide our guests with the highest levels of exceptional service through effective investment in our human resources and to make the utmost efforts to meet the needs of our guests to provide services beyond their expectations. Value:

1- Islam: We are committed to the values ​​of our Islamic religion and we will maintain integrity, justice and honesty with all parties to achieve the highest levels of work behavior and ethics.

2. Our commitment to shareholders and owners:

- Improving the status of the company and all hotels.

- Achieving the required return on investment in the hotel sector.

3. Our Commitment to Employees:

- Treat them with respect and equality.

- Focus on recruiting the best competencies and primarily citizens.

- Empower staff to unlock their potential and maximize their contributions.

- Providing a safe and healthy working environment among employees.

4. Teamwork and passion: We will create a spirit of pride, respect and enthusiasm to support our staff through effective training

5. Exceptional hospitality: We will always surprise our guests with our ability to anticipate and execute their desires together for a commitment to accuracy in work.

6. Continuous development: We will be innovative, and benefit from best practices for continuous evaluation and improvement of our management methods and also improve the quality of our products and services.

7 - Excellence: The pursuit of the highest standards of performance in daily work and the highest quality in all outputs.

8. Social role and participation: We will strive to be active members of our society through active participation in improving the environment of our social environment.

Business Group managed by Hand:

1. Awaliv International Hotel:

The hotel is located in the heart of Taif, and is distinguished by its location in the center of Taif province. The hotel is adjacent to the heart of Taif Mall, which contains the world's finest brands and entertainment facilities. The five-star hotel consists of 30 floors with 266 units of rooms and suites Luxury.

2. Iridium Hotel:

 Located in the center of Taif Governorate, the hotel is adjacent to the Mall Valley Center, which  has a number of shops, brands and restaurants. The five-star hotel consists of (7) floors,comprising 130 units of luxurious rooms and suites, The hotel has a health club, meeting and  meeting rooms, a visual theater and a number of amenities. Hand is the operator of the hotel.

3. Awaliv Suites:

Deluxe Rooms and suites. consists of  (6) floors (90) luxurious suites and rooms, a fully equipped meeting room, a restaurant serving meals, and room service.

4. Platinum Albiea:

 Residential units are located in Al-Taif Governorate. It consists of (5) floors, a supplement and a basement. It includes 39 units, a health club, a restaurant and shops.

5. Platinum Seventy:

 Luxury residential units located in the city of Jeddah along the Prince Majid road, consisting of (10) floors, comprising of (97) housing units, health club, in addition to a restaurant and a coffee shop equipped with the latest equipment, and a barber.

6. Iridium70:

Located in the city of Jeddah along Prince Majed Road, consisting of (11) floors and ensure
(126) units of rooms and luxury suites with a big size of room.

7. Platinum Al Ehsan Hotel:

 Located in Makkah, the four-star hotel consists of 14 floors, containing 160 units of rooms and suites.